South Africa Mission Report

My recent ministry trip to South Africa was probably the most powerful in more than fifty years of ministry! 

During the month I was there (four days short of a full month), I ministered in four key conferences touching almost 1000 ministers from throughout South Africa as well as several other countries in Africa.

a. March 22-25, I was one of six apostolic leaders from throughout South Africa and the United States that taught in the Apostolic School of Ministry hosted by the Judah Alliance Network headed by Apostle Thamo Naidoo in Pietermaritzburg, the Capital of Kwa-Zulu Natal Province. Approximately 200 ministers attended the school.

As my contribution, I taught on “The Non-Negotiables of Apostolic Christianity,” dealing with The Gospel of Peter and Paul, Kingdom Initiation (the New Testament response to the Gospel), and The Communion of the Apostles (the Basis of the Church’s Unity).

It is worth noting that Pietermaritzburg is the historic city where Mahatmas Gandhi was pulled off a train and thrown into jail by the British around the beginning of the 20th Century. It was while he was in jail in Pietermaritzburg that Gandhi developed the concept of non-violent resistance to injustice and oppression.

b. April 4-8, I ministered (along with the other leaders from the Pietermaritzburg School of Ministry) in the Apostolic Summit hosted by Apostle Ben Kleynhans (one of the key apostolic leaders of the Judah Alliance) in the city of Pretoria, the Capital of South Africa. This very strategic conference was held in the Sheraton, a five star hotel across the street and facing the nations capital building.

Kelly Varner from the USA also joined us as part of the ministry team.

Approximately 500 leaders attended the conference.

Once again I ministered with great freedom and anointing on the Non-Negotiables of Apostolic Christianity (the essentials of an apostolic reformation of the Lord’s Church).

c. April 12-13, I ministered for Prophet Kobus van Rensburg in Stilfontein, a gold mining town a few hours drive North of Pretoria. Brother van Rensburg operates a major conference and revival center that he calls the Spirit and the Word Conference Center. Church leaders, saints of God, the sick, the cripple, and even the dying come from as far away as Pretoria to attend powerful worship, anointed prophetic preaching and powerful miracle services held every weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Since January of this year they have seen more than a thousand miracles take place. The walls of the 3,000-seat auditorium are literally covered with crutches, wheel chairs and braces hung there as trophies of the miracles done in the powerful Name of the Lord Jesus.

In addition to the conference center, Brother van Rensburg operates a Bible School. Twice a year he and his wife Annalise host a major ministers conference in Stilfontein and 1400 to 1500 ministers come from all over Africa for training.

The van Rensburg’s also own and operate the only privately owned TV Station in South Africa with more than 350 million viewers throughout Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

From our first meeting upon my arrival, I had a powerful witness in my spirit with his spirit. As we ate lunch together the first day, he and his wife shared that after their initial conversion, their only Bible School had been listening to hundreds of Ern Baxter and Bob Mumford tapes. When they learned that Ern Baxter had been my spiritual father and mentor for more than 20 years, immediately, they wanted interview me for TV.

I preached on Wednesday and Thursday nights under a powerful apostolic anointing.

The van Rensburgs have asked me to purchase a video camera and to begin to film my teaching material for the Apostles Theological Seminary and the Institute of Apostolic Studies for rebroadcast on their TV Station.

I am persuaded that this is a divine connection, strategic to what the Lord Jesus wants to do not only in South Africa, but also in the whole Continent of Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

April 14-15, I ministered in the Easter Conference hosted by Apostle Maxwell Ramashia in Medunsa, the black township in the Pretoria area, the Soweto of Pretoria). Apostle Ramashia is the apostolic head of one of the leading apostolic networks in South Africa (over 300 churches). Before his call to the ministry Maxwell Ramashia was an attorney and worked with Nelson Mandela in the struggle against apartheid and racism. He is one of the truly great leaders in South Africa, especially among black ministers and black churches.

Please note the names of the conference hosts mentioned thus far: Thamo Naidoo (East Indian), Ben Kleynhans (Afrikaner), Korbus van Rensburg (Afrikaner), Maxwell Ramashia (one of the leading black ministers in South Africa) and Frans DuPlessis (a descendent of French Huguenots and the catalyst who brought me into contact with these other leaders). These are some of the principle leaders being raised up by the hand of the Lord in the apostolic movement in South Africa.

The people of South Africa have suffered many cruel injustices and great oppression because of racism and apartheid! Yet because of the mercy and grace of God, men who once were mortal enemies and members of opposing racial, social and political camps, have now been reconciled and become brothers and friends. Joined in the covenant of peace, they are working together in this powerful move of God not only to restore the foundations, but also to radically reform the Church in South Africa, so that the Lord’s Church might be One and as One Church might impact and transform their nation.

In Ramashia’s Easter Conference I preached conference type messages (rather than teaching aimed at ministers) to envision, encourage and challenge the saints of God. I preached on The Heritage of the Servants of the Lord, The Principle of Promise and fulfillment, and Getting Out of the Boat of Ordinariness).

On Easter Sunday, April 16, I left Pretoria at 8:00 AM and flew to King Williamstown on the coast and preached for Apostle Mangaliso, one of Apostle Ramashia’s sons in the Gospel and concluded his Easter Conference with morning and evening services.

In addition to the conferences, on the Lord’s Day, I preached in six different local congregations and in some of the key cities in South Africa: Durban, Pretoria, Stilfontein, and King Williamstown.

As I mentioned in the beginning, I have never experienced such a powerful release of grace for ministry during my more than fifty years. In both the School and the Summit the Holy Spirit directed me to humble myself and take the lowly role of a servant even though I was the senior man on the scene and was being publicly received as an apostolic father.

Sensing that what God is doing in South Africa is strategic to a reformation of the Lord’s Church worldwide and burdened by the solemn responsibility of speaking into this movement, I spent many nights broken before the Lord as I wept and prayed for God’s direction. On numerous occasions both during the Apostolic School of Ministry and in the Apostolic Summit the Lord awakened me in the early morning hours (2:30 AM) to speak to me about what He is doing in South Africa and the dangers facing the move of God; the Lord instructed me in what I was to do and say, and how to do and say it. The result of each of these visitations was a manifestation of God’s Spirit, a demonstration of His love, and a new breakthrough of spiritual understanding, brotherly love and relationship for all those present that day. It was testified in both the Apostolic School of Ministry and in the Apostolic Summit that by the grace of God I had become a demonstration of the message and not just a messenger (certainly a unique and a very humbling experience for me). As a result where ever I went the hearts of God’s leaders were opened to me and I was received not only as an apostolic father, but also as a father of fathers.

I also had the great joy and privilege of sharing the platform with seasoned and mature apostolic and prophetic leaders. And in spite of the fact that there were seven apostolic and prophetic ministers from different backgrounds and traditions the Holy Spirit clearly orchestrated the flow of teaching and personal ministry so that we all spoke with one Spirit, one Mind and one Voice. It reminded all of us of Luke’s words in Acts 2:14, ‘But Peter, taking his stand with the eleven, raised his voice and declared to them” The result was a breaking down of barriers, a coming together of leaders, and a release of unity and ministry; such as I have not seen in my entire lifetime!

Truly, the Lord is connecting continents!

In addition to the strategic spiritual connections with the leaders of the Judah Alliance, Thamo Naidoo, Frans DuPlessis, Ben Kleynhans, Maxwell Ramashia, Eddie O’Neill and men of God from other apostolic and prophetic streams like Kobas van Rensburg, I had the joy of renewing fellowship and sharing the platform with Dr. Kelly Varner from the USA. Brother Varner is a renowned Bible teacher and author who has been going to South Africa and sowing Kingdom Seed for many years. The Lord has used him in a very powerful way to begin to awaken South Africa to His Kingdom purposes.

I also met for the first time (although I had heard his name before and we have mutual friends) and shared the ministry platform with Dr. Sam Soleyn of the USA. Dr. Soleyn is a seasoned apostolic leader with a profound revelation of the Kingdom of God and many years of experience in ministry. Brother Sam has a Doctorate in Jurisprudence that gives him unique insights and an ability to address many strategic needs in the body of Christ.

It was a great joy to labor with these Kingdom giants!

It was also a source of spiritual strength and great encouragement to have with me at various phases of the South Africa mission a number of my own spiritual sons and partners in the Gospel: Apostles Glenn Marais (who resides in Durban and helped to host me), Rod Seago and Jose Bosque (both from Jacksonville, Florida), and Bishop Michael Babin (from Oceanside, California). These men are apostles in their own right and powerful servants of the Lord Jesus Christ who not only stood with me and labored with me in the conferences, but also ministered in the churches. Thank you brothers for your sacrifices and your brotherly love. You also are giants in Christ’s Kingdom and your labor is not in vain in the Lord!

I also want to thank all who have supported the South Africa Mission with your prayers and your mission’s gifts.

In I Samuel 30:24, David declares, “For as his share is who goes down to the battle, so shall his share be who stays by the baggage; they shall share alike.”

Surely, the Lord Himself, David’s greater Son, will indeed reward you for your prayers and your giving, not only in this age, but also in the age to come!

Finally, the Continent of Africa is in turmoil. The needs are great and the battle for this huge continent is raging! To a great extent Western governments have written off Africa. But our Heavenly Father and the Lord Jesus have not! Today, more than ever before, the Lord is moving by His Spirit and in His mighty providence to establish the saving rule of His Kingdom on that massive continent. What God is doing in Africa today is also strategic for the reformation and salvation of Europe. It is also strategic for reaching the Middle East with the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and liberating the Middle East from the tyranny of Islam!

Just as Africa is strategic to what the Lord wants to do in Europe and the Middle East, so South Africa is strategic to all that He wants to do throughout Africa. The Lord has spoken by His Spirit to many apostles and prophets today that what He is doing in South Africa is crucial to all He wants to do in Africa, Europe and the Middle East.

Please continue to pray with us for the leaders and the saints of the Lord’s Church in South Africa!


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1 STEPHEN - October 8, 2009 @ 3:55 AM

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HERE IS ANOTHER LIE, SONS OF GOD, THE ANGELS, NEVER!!! THE BIBLE SAYS THE SONS OF GOD NOT ANGELS, THE KJV SAYS: “SONS OF GOD”. ANGELS ARE NEVER SONS! AND THEY WILL NEVER BE FOR ETERNITY. THE SCRIPURE SAYS: "For unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? And again, I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son? " Heb 1:5 ANGELS ARE NEVER SONS , THAT IS ANOTHER LIE WHICH THEOLOGIANS AND PASTORS PREACH! YOU LIE ALL THE TIME! THERE IS NO ANGEL WHICH IS A SON OR SONS! I THINK THIS IS ONE OF THE MAJOR REASONS WHY GOD NEVER ALLOWED ME TO STUDY THEOLOGY, THATNK YOU LORD JESUS FOR PROTECTING ME FROM LIES. I GIVE YOU HONOUR AND GLORY. THANK YOU FOR PROTECTING MY HEART FROM DECEPTION BY YOUR HOLY WORD. I QUOTE WHAT YOU SAID: "Notice that Satan says walking. If Satan as you say is a serpent then how come he is walking as verse 7". THIS IS ANOTHER CONFUSION; YOU FORGOT WHAT THE BIBLE SAY: HE IS A FATHER OF LIES.THIEF, MURDERER, DEVIL, DRAGON, ANGEL OF THE BOTTOMLESS PIT, SERPENT (OLD SERPENT). YOU QUOTED THE WORDS OF satan, you quoted his lies. God never said that; but satan said that, so satan’s children like to say what you are saying. I QUOTE WHAT YOU SAID: "So Satan, devil, Lucifer is summoned from time to time to appear before God Almighty,because God is still the Sovereign Ruler of his creation, and when He summons angels, fallen or otherwise they obey. " YOU ARE LYING; THE BIBLE DOES NOT SAY SATAN IS LUCIFER THERE IS NO SCRIPTURE LIKE THAT IN THE BIBLE; AND NO WHERE IN THE BIBLE DOES IT SAY THAT SATAN APPEARED BEFORE GOD FROM TIME TO TIME! NO WHERE! HE IS AN ACCUSER OF THE BRETHREN; BUT THE SCRIPTURE NEVER SAID HE APPEARS BEFORE GOD FROM TIME TO TIME. I QUOTE WHAT YOU SAID: "Lucifer is known by several different names. Rev 12:9 states, "And the great dragon was cast out, 'that old serpent', called the Devil, and Satan which deceives the whole world". DO YOU SEE THIS VERSE YOU HAVE QUOTED. IT SAYS GREAT DRAGON, OLD SERPENT, CALLED THE DEVIL AND SATAN” . Do you see that there is no angel of worship, or ark angel or Lucifer. IT SAYS SATAN! WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? ARE YOU STILL BLIND, THAT YOU CAN’T SEE THE VERSE YOU HAVE QUOTED? WHEN I CAST OUT DEVILS I HEAR THEM SAY “I AM LUCIFER”, THEY ARE STILL LYING EVEN IF THEY SAY THAT; THEY ARE LIARS AND SATAN IS THE FATHER OF LIES. I QUOTE WHAT YOU SAID: "but rather the man-child spoken of is the many Jews who will come into repentance during the Great Tribulation." YOU ARE LYING, child of satan! THE BIBLE SAYS THE MAN CHILD NOT JEWS! AND IT SAYS “TO HIS THRONE”, NOT THEIR THRONES! YOU ARE LYING, little viper! I QUOTE WHAT YOU SAID: "Your continuous mention that Satan was never an angel of light is unfounded because scripture implies that he was. 2 Corinthians 11:14" YOU ARE LYING AGAIN, IT SAY SATAN HIMSELF! NOT GOD HIMSELF TRANSFORMED HIM INTO AN AGNEL OF LIGHT". HE(devil) WAS NEVER angel of worship, HE TRANSFORMED HIMSELF, HE WAS NEVER an angel of worship, leading worship BY CREATION, HE DOES THAT(transformation) HIMSELF! DO NOT ADD TO THE SCRIPTURES! YOU ARE MARKETING HIM AS AN ANGEL OF LIGHT WHEN JESUS SAID HE WAS A DEVIL, MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING! In simple terms you are his servants doing satan’s bidding marketing him to be good, while he was a devil, murderer from the beginning. I QUOTE WHAT YOU SAID: "Satan was in his original state the Morning star. He was once known as the [bright day-star] morning star". YOU ARE LYING AGAIN HE WAS NEVER A MORNING STAR THE BIBLE DOES NOT TEACH THAT, HE WAS NEVER A BRIGHT DAY STAR, YOU SAY THAT NOT THE KJV BIBLE. JESUS SAID: “HE WAS DEVIL”, YOU SAY HE WAS A MORNING STAR, HOW CONFUSED CAN YOU BE! YOU ARE CHILDREN OF SATAN, YOU TWIST SCRIPTURES, THERE IS NO TRUTH IN YOU! I QUOTE WHAT YOU SAID : "Jesus Christ is now the worthy title holder of "the bright morning star". YOU ARE LYING AGAIN, JESUS HAS BEEN WORTHY BEFORE THE FOUNDATION OF THE WORLD! JESUS HAS NEVER BEEN UNWORTHY! HE WAS WITH GOD AND IS GOD. HE IS THE MORNING STAR IN OUR HEARTS!(2 pet 1:9, rev 22:16). JESUS WAS, AND IS THE MORNING STAR FOREVER. HE IS THE SAME YESTERDAY, TODAY AND FOREVER. SATAN NEVER HELD THE TITLE OF MORNING STAR. JESUS IS THE MORNING STAR FOREVER. HE IS THE BEGINNING (MORNING STAR) AND THE END (MORNING STAR). DONT LIE TO ME! I QUOTE WHAT YOU SAID: "Satan when he was Lucifer in heaven was an anointed cherub, because God set it so". YOU ARE FULL OF LIES ARENT YOU? SATAN when he was lucifer? JESUS SAID HE WAS A DEVIL FROM THE BEGINNING. THE BEGINNING IS WHERE THINGS BEGAN! HE BEGAN A DEVIL NOT AN ANOITED CHERUB! AND JESUS SAID THAT!(jhn 8:44). YOU SAY HE(satan) WAS ANOINTED? NO; HE WAS Not, SATAN WAS NEVER ANOINTED AND WAS NEVER IN HEAVEN(God’s throne)! WHEN THE ANOINTING COMEs ON YOU CANNOT LIE AND YOU ABIDE IN THE TRUTH!(1 JHN 2:27). THE ANOINTING IS THE HOLY SPIRIT AND POWER! (Acts 10:38).HOW WAS SATAN ANOINTED WITH THE HOLY GHOST! YOU ARE LYING AND YOU KNOW YOU ARE LYING! Child of satan! Your tongue is full of poison (false doctrine). I QUOTE WHAT YOU SAID "As an anointed cherub he walked in beauty and splendor amongst the Holy Mountain of God, up and down in the midst of the stones of fire, Ezekiel 28:14. Yes he was an anointed angel; but lost that pure, holy and perfect anointed state because of rebellion. But Satan can, given the opportunity anoint a human being with evil, hatred, murder, envy, maliciousness, corruption etc. YOU ARE LYING AGAIN, HE WAS NEVER PURE, HOLY AND PERFECT, JESUS said he was a devil (murderer) from the beginning! I QUOTE WHAT YOU SAID: "My writings are purely research based on facts and scripturally sound. SO FAR NOTHING YOU HAVE SAID IS BIBLICAL IT IS CARNAL AND THEOLOGIAL, AS ALL THEOLOGIANS LIE; YOU HAVE SAID EXACTLY THAT; IT IS NOTHING NEW BUT WHAT THEY TEACH! MAY BE YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID: “my writings are evily satanic based of satan and satan spoken”. NOTHING YOU SAY IS BIBLICAL! REPENT FOR THERE IS HELL FIRE AND THE LAKE OF FIRE THAT WILL DESTROY FOREVER AND EVER THOSE WHO MAKE LIES LIKE YOU. TODAY, YOU ARE GIVEN A CHANCE TO REPENT AND TURN FROM YOUR WICKED WAYS! (I, S.STEPHEN MOGAGABE, PROPHET OF THE LIVING GOD FORGIVE YOU THIS DAY, FOR SPEAKING LIES WHICH YOU HAVE HEARD OTHERS SPEAK, I FORGIVE YOU IN JESUS NAME. AND I URGE EVERYONE WHO WILL READ THIS MESSAGE TO FORGIVE ALL THOSE WHO SPOKE THIS ERROR AND DECEIT. FORGIVE THEM; BUT CONTINUE TO STAND AGAINST ERROR [DECEPTION]. IF YOU SEE YOUR BROTHER ERR, CORRECT AND REBUKE HIM, IN THAT WAY YOU WOULD HAVE SAVED HIM FROM DEATH (Lev 19:17, 1 Jhn 5:16)). PART 4 DISCUSSION I QUOTE: YOU SAID "Now, you do raise an interesting point about the Son's of God. I don't believe that the "son's of God in Genesis 6 are angels but I do believe the one's in Job are. [shrug] Satan and the other sons of God were angels but as we learned in several places; Jude, James and Revelation, they rebelled against God. YOU ARE LYING AGAIN! AS ALL THEOLOGIANS DO! Gen 6 is talking about the SONS OF GOD it NEVER said they are angels. It said they are SONS OF GOD. WHICH OF THE ANGELS DID GOD EVER SAY YOU ARE MY SON? ANSWER ME! WHICH? NONE IN ALL THE BIBLE, YOU HAVE HEARD THAT FROM THEOLOGIANS WHO ADD TO THE BIBLE AND READ IT IN PIECES. HEB1:5 READ IT IN KJV! THE BOOK OF JOB IS SPEAKING about the "sons of GOD" not angels! READ KJV! YOU SAID AGAIN "satan amongst angels". YOU ARE LYING AGAIN! Read KJV it says satan amongst the SONS OF GOD! how CROOKED can you be. SONS AND ANGELS ARE NOT THE SAME AND WILL NEVER BE THE SAME FOREVER AND EVER! DO NOT ADD TO THE SCRIPTURES YOUR IDEAS. READ HEB 1:5 Because you are confused YOU said: "I believe that he was an angel created by God to serve but who rebelled". where in the bible does it say he was angel who served? SATAN WAS NEVER AND ANGEL WHO SERVED! NEVER! HE WAS A DEVIL (SATAN) FROM THE BEGINNING AND JESUS SAID THAT. You are all saying that JESUS is a LIAR because you think he is lying, JESUS SAID HE WAS A DEVIL, MURDERER FROM THE BEGINNING. When things began he began a devil (murderer). THANK YOU LORD JESUS FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH! and JESUS who said that is GOD and LORD.AMEN! YOU SAID AGAIN"Jude6 And the angels which kept not their first estate, but left their own habitation, he hath reserved in everlasting chains under darkness unto the judgment of the great day" KJV. DID YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE EVIL ANGELS? Read the bible those are the angels. Read Ps 78:49 (read KJV). Conclusion: I am not against preachers, I love them, I urge them to repent, I am 100% against lies they have taught and teach. If and when they repent our Heavenly Father will forgive them, Jesus will forgive them, and the Holy Spirit will forgive them. I urge you to study the bible correctly with the Holy Spirit, and preach the truth of God whether people [co-partners or pastors] like you or not. JESUS never lies and never lied, he is THE TRUTH. I desire all preachers teach no other doctrine, but Christ’s doctrine and sound doctrine. I am here to tell you to repent, for I am sent to warn you and to tell you to return to the bible. Do not preach lies, fables, stories. Preach the word in season out of season, line upon line, precept upon precept, teach the sound doctrine and add nothing to it. Do your best to read the revelations of hell and heaven by those whom the Lord appeared to, I read them, I soak myself in them for they are the words of JESUS to warn this perverse and adulterous generation. Now i declare unto you this day as a prophet of the living God, i forgive you. i forgive you for teaching error in the church. i stand on behalf of the church of the living God, i stand to forgive you, start today to preach the truth. your sins are forgiven. The anointing will teach you all things From PRINCE S.STEPHEN MOGAGABE To contact PRINCE S.STEPHEN MOGAGABE (Prophet S.Stephen Mogagabe) Email: Website: Cell Number: +27820532122 (International Line)
2 andzani wesley mashele - January 29, 2010 @ 5:51 AM

iam waiting for that day when , the nation will be covered with the knowledge of the glory of christ , through the mattle of the prophets and aposthe
3 nangamso - December 26, 2010 @ 6:01 AM

thank you for visiting South Africa. I can relate to the calling that God has laid in your life . I am a back sliden born again Christian who has been through a great deal in such a way that at some point I began to entertain that God wants me to suffer always. I am a king but do not have a father and a prophet to stand by me. i live in Benoni in the East Rand of Gauteng, about 40kms from Joburg town. I have lost everything , my marriage , my children , an am deep in dept. I have been faithful to the lord when I was still in church but I can not seem to get any breakthrough. I would love to be content with small thoughts but that does not happen to me. I come across business that is worth millions and loose it all the time. I do not have a clear spiritual guidance and I am not fathered simply because I need an apostolic enviroment. My spirit does not connect to any other movement. Could you assist me by advising me on what I should do. My faith is very fragile I cannot trust on myself anymore.
4 TAHULA EUGINE - March 17, 2011 @ 7:55 AM

5 PROPHET GEORGE N MATJILA - June 10, 2011 @ 9:53 AM

6 Dallas Sphar - November 30, 2011 @ 12:16 AM

Thank you Apostle Kouri for your visit and investment into SA. I live in the East Cape and co-direct Nation Builders Apostolic Ministries. Apo. Alex. Chisango is a personal friend I visit and minister for annually. I minister as prophet alongside Apo. Steve Allen, we have been in SA for 9 years. Formerly from Spokane Washington, the historical church property of Dr. John G. Lake was our church and prophetically connected to our transplant to SA. Hope to meet you some time. Sincerely, Dallas
7 thabiso - February 6, 2012 @ 7:23 AM

8 thabiso - February 6, 2012 @ 7:25 AM

would love to get your bible school materails
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