Resolutions of the Communion of Apostolic Churches

Ancient painting of the twelve Apostles of the Lamb after replacement of Judas by Matthias and the Day of Pentecost.

They are the foundation of Christ’s Church, the City of God, coming down from God out of heaven.






1. The present division of the Lord’s Church into ecclesiastical denominations is subnormal and blatantly contradicts the direct commands of our great Head.

2. The Lord has used men and movements throughout history to restore foundations, reform His Church, and establish His Kingdom purposes in the earth.


1. The Lord is reviving His work in the earth, restoring the apostolic foundations and reforming the Church in order that the Church of Jesus Christ might function governmentally as a Holy Nation and Kingdom of Priests in every city and nation throughout the world.

2. The Lord is restoring apostles and joining them together, along with the ministers and churches they represent, in the fellowship or communion of apostles to form the Holy Apostolic Church throughout the earth.

3. Many good and faithful servants of the Lord have been moved by the Spirit of the Lord to leave former associations and ecclesiastical homes, but have not been able to find membership in a communion or ecclesiastical body compatible with the moving of the Spirit within their hearts or with their Scriptural convictions.

Desiring to be part of such a movement, we, the participating apostles, elders (ruling pastors or bishops) together with the ministers and bodies of believers we represent, resolve to join together in the Spirit and will of God to form the Communion of Apostolic Churches in order:

1. To provide a new wineskin or ecclesiastical home for ministers and churches whose hearts long to see the fellowship or communion of the apostles restored and the Church of Jesus Christ revived, restored, and reformed, so that it might function as One Holy Apostolic Church (a Holy Nation and Kingdom of Priests) and shine as a bright light in cities and nations throughout the earth, so that the nations might come to the Lord.

2. To develop apostolic and prophetic strategies and function together globally, regionally, nationally, and locally to implement those strategies and mobilize the resources needed to fulfill the apostolic and prophetic mandate and accomplish the Lord’s Kingdom purpose to transform cities and nations and fill the earth with the glory of the sons and daughters of God.

3. To work together with members of the Communion of Apostolic Churches (CAC) and with ministers and churches of other streams to restore the fellowship or communion of apostles Jesus Himself established in the beginning and develop international, regional, national, and local councils, conferences, synods, and presbyteries of apostles and elders, enabling them to work together at all geographic levels to establish Christ’s Kingdom, build His Church, transform cities and nations, and model for the whole body of Christ what the Church of Jesus Christ could be if all it’s diverse streams were to flow together as one great river.

Therefore by God’s grace, we hereby covenant together and constitute ourselves the Communion of Apostolic Churches.

(Please note: the terms elder, pastor, and bishop, were used interchangeably by the apostles and elders of the Apostolic Church, Acts 20:17,28 and I Peter 5:1-3, and are therefore used in this same way by the CAC. We do not use the terms elder or bishop in an episcopal sense.)

Ancient painting depicts the fellowship of Peter and Paul. In the beginning Jesus chose 12 to be with Him in His apostolic ministry, enjoy the fellowship of the Father, Son, and Spirit, and become foundation stones of His Church. Later others like Paul were added to this fellowship of apostles, and “given the right hand of fellowship.”