Doctoral Course For 2014: An Architectural Blueprint For A Truly Apostolic Church

If you are called as an apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor or teacher in the 21st century and interested in being part of an authentic apostolic reformation, and if you are seeking to move from an independent "local church" paradigm to a truly Kingdom paradigm of  Holy Nation and from the paradigm of independent senior pastors to a truly apostolic paradigm of apostles and elders (i.e. ruling pastors) working together as part of apostolic company in the fellowship of the apostles, then you need to make plans to enroll in our new doctoral course in Apostolic and prophetic Studies, AD700 An Architectural Blueprint For An Apostolic Church.

In the present economy or administration of Messiah's Kingdom, apostles have a number of strategically important roles or functions. One such critically important function is that of "master builder" or architect. As the Lord Jesus is presently in the process of reviving His work in the earth, restoring the foundations of His Kingdom and reforming His Church to function as the Holy Nation (i.e. One, Holy, Apostolic Church in the world), it is critically important for all of us who are involved in the present apostolic reformation to rediscover and fully understand the true nature, governmental structure and architectural blueprint for the Church that King Jesus is building.

The Church Jesus is building is the instrument or body of His Kingdom purpose to disciple cities and nations and fill the earth with the glory of God. It is also a demonstration of Messiah's kingdom, a demonstration of life under the government of King Jesus. Because of this fact the Lord's Church must be properly structured and governed. The King's Church must be One Church, made up of many thousands and thousands of allotments, congregations, or what we call today "local churches" connected or joined together by apostles and elders who are connected or joined to each other in the fellowship or communion of the apostles. The members and congregations that make up the Lord's Church must be joined or connected doctrinally, spiritually, and structurally in such a way that it can function as one Holy Apostolic Church in the world (i.e. in cities, nations, and globally). Sadly, many so-called "apostolic movements" are merely new "church planting" movements, seeking to plant more of the thing that we already have too much of, disconnected or independent local churches.

Today it is not enough to plant more denominational or independent local churches led by independent local pastors or even to build large multimedia churches with multiple media campuses, churches where the people watch videos, but never connect with the pastor for spiritual fatherhood or with one another for true spiritual family and covenant community. Instead, apostles and fivefold ministries must work together to plant the church of the locality ( a city or region) made up of multiple allotments or congregations joined together by apostles and elders (i.e. the ruling pastors) to form the church in a locality or a city, a region, a nation, and globally.

In his comprehensive and detailed course Apostle George Kouri very carefully and systematically unveils the revelation of Messiah's Kingdom and His One Holy Apostolic Church. He deals with the Church's faith, the Church's nature, the Church's structure and governmental order, and its apostolic mission or mandate. In this critically important course Apostle Kouri unveils the revelation that Jesus Himself originally entrusted to the apostles of the Lamb and the first ascension-gift apostles. Then building squarely upon the architectural blueprint or pattern set forth in the Canon of the New Testament and drawing upon a half century of Biblical and Theological study and ministerial experience, Brother Kouri presents the implications of Lord's architectural pattern or blueprint and its applications for the restoration and reformation of His Church in the 21st century.

In addition to using the Old and New Testaments as the basis of this comprehensive architectural study, Apostle Kouri will also use the "The Constitution of The Communion Of Apostolic Churches" as a required text. Many who have studied the CAC Constitution have stated that "it is the best book on the apostolic church that they have ever read."

George Kouri serves as Chancellor of ATS and as the presiding apostle of the Communion of Apostolic Churches (a global communion of apostles and churches, see

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1 Richard - October 5, 2016 @ 7:00 PM

How did Kouri become an apostle?
2 Jim Bradshaw - October 6, 2016 @ 7:57 AM

Hello Richard:

Here is George Kouri's response:

"God called me while in my mothers womb. Then He apprehended me and brought me to Christ. Then he placed me in relationship with an apostolic father, entrusted me with the revelation of Christ, His Kingdom, and His Church. Then for more than 40 years, by His grace and power He has been establishing me in my calling and enabling me to restore the foundations and reform His Church."

At this time he is preparing to leave for India (within a week) to work among the fruit of his labor.

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