Joseph's in the Marketplace

Aaron is a spiritual son of Jack Walter, and thereby a spiritual grandson of Don Atkin.
He is the founder of The Entrepreneurial Network in Oklahoma City.

Most people who attend church today are bored and presently looking for something invigorating. They believe that the only way to participate in God’s work is by going to a building on Sundays to listen to a sermon, sing a few songs, and give an offering. They leave Sunday morning feeling empty; knowing in their hearts there must be something more than what they’ve just experienced.

These people cry out internally for authentic KINGDOM ADVANCEMENT.  They search for a venue to expand and release the agenda within them which they believe is from God. Every time they think about marketplace strategy, ponder fresh ideas, and meditate on the endless possibilities of growing their undertakings, they erupt like a volcano. However, they also understand what they are presently thinking will not fit into the present structure of church. So, they become FRUSTRATED and DISCOURAGED as they entertain the thoughts of never being used by God.

Stop right there! If you’re presently empty and you know in your heart there’s more to Christianity than what you’re presently experiencing, I’ve come with good news. You’re a Joseph in the Marketplace and God has been looking for you. He needs you and desires to use you to spread His Kingdom throughout culture.

In Genesis 39:1 you will discover “JOSEPH being BROUGHT DOWN into EGYPT” Joseph means “Jehovah is adding.” For too long the Church has been missing Joseph. Church leaders have discredited their Josephs because they work too much, think strategically about money making concepts, and do not participate in Wednesday Bible studies.  Although this may have happened to you, the present mentality of church is being redefined. Jehovah is adding Josephs to the foundation of His body. They are becoming His feet in the earth!  “And He will put all things in subjection under His feet” (Ephesians 1:22)

Jehovah is BRINGING JOSEPH DOWN from Heaven to Earth. He is placing the Joseph Mantle upon marketplace professionals who are willing to conquer culture. Men and women are presently being purposed by the Father to take dominion over the economic, political and educational systems that govern our society.

He is mobilizing and moving Joseph Companies outside the church building into our Egyptian System. Apostolic and prophetic men and women will rise to global significance through an increasing economic and political influence. We will see in the next decade a transformation occur in our economic and political infrastructures.

Joseph Networks will rise in the NATIONS and begin to rule and reign as HIS Kingdom governors. They will unlock Kingdom inheritance from Egypt and loose it to flow like waters covering the sea. We will see in this new decade a greater advancement of the Lord’s Kingdom than ever before. His treasure will be brought back into the hands of Josephs who are ruling in the earth.  Devastated areas of the earth will be renewed through their stewardship. Cities, regions, and nations, influenced by those who propagate darkness, will be brought down by His judgment and re-built through His righteousness working in them.

You are God’s JOSEPH! RISE UP and RULE as His ambassadorial agent in the earth!

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