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As you may or may not know, we have recently unveiled the new version of the Apostles Theological Seminary. Our new website is faster, much easier to navigate, emphasizes ATS’s true nature and identity as a missionary organization (rather than an “educational business"), and features our new “no charge” financial policies for all of our courses and degree programs. (Some may also think that it is a little easier on the eyes.)

As Chancellor of ATS I want to invite you as fellow ministers of the Gospel and leaders in Christ’s Kingdom to take time to familiarize yourself with all we are doing today, so that you can take advantage in your own ministry, work, and region of everything ATS offers. (If you are not already taking courses yourself or working towards an advanced degree, I encourage you to do so. If you are not drawing on ATS to help you train Christian workers for your own ministry or other ministers and church leaders in your city or region, I strongly urge you to begin to do so.  And if you are not already partnering with ATS financially, helping us fulfill our mission, I appeal to you to put us in your mission budget.)

Our new site is not only greatly simplified, our new Home page is also interactive. And today in addition to providing an authentic apostolic and prophetic curriculum the Apostles Theological Seminary seeks to serve Christ’s Kingdom and the global reformation of His Church as an online resource center: providing news of strategic events, hosting chat rooms, strategic forums and dialogs, and apostolic summits and congresses, and by posting relevant articles, pod-casts, and book reviews.

Because of this strategic mission, as Chancellor of ATS, this past week I stepped out on a limb and posted a number of critically important articles and reports discussing the recent blowup of Todd Bentley’s marriage, it’s impact on the Lakeland outpouring, and the alignment of Todd Bentley and the Lakeland revival by Peter Wagner to a number of ICA apostles that had taken place beforehand. Written by some of the most prominent and influential leaders of the current “charismatic church”, these articles and reports deal with the widespread confusion and controversy surrounding these tragic events, and the many, many issues being raised today by what C. Peter Wagner is calling an “apostolic alignment”. These matters impact us all as ministers of the Gospel and as Kingdom leaders, and therefore deserve special attention, discussion, and dialog.

While I am familiar with and deeply appreciate all that Peter Wagner and many others whose articles I have posted have done to serve Christ’s Kingdom and the body of Christ throughout the years (especially in the area of signs and wonders, and prayer and spiritual warfare), there are still many problematic areas that have not been adequately addressed. Therefore, I am taking this opportunity to encourage each of you to take time to read the blogs posted on the Home page of Apostles Theological Seminary (it will not be time wasted as the issues involved are issues we all face sooner or later), and as the Lord directs make your comments in the place provided under each article or report.

The tragic things that have happened in Lakeland, Florida have raised many critically important questions for ministers of the Gospel and Kingdom leaders today, not only in matters of spiritual discernment and protocol, but also in the more significant issues that relate to the nature and role of apostles in the 21st century. Are there apostles today? If so, what are they really supposed to do? How do we distinguish between true and false apostles? How do apostles to relate to each other Biblically? Are they independent? Are apostolic coalitions and networks really Scriptural or do they further divide an already fragmented body? Are apostolic networks and coalitions a valid foundation for corporate unity and ministerial accountability? Should apostles be in fellowship (a committed/submitted relationship) or communion with a larger body of apostles and elders? What is the responsibility of apostles and apostolic companies in bringing cities and nations under the government of King Jesus today?  Should local churches be joined together through apostles and elders in cities, regions and nations or are they supposed to be independent? Should modern apostles build their own networks and coalitions of churches today or should they work together to raise up one Church throughout the earth?

Join our online dialog and together let us seek the answers to these critical questions!

George E. Kouri,
Chancellor of ATS

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