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1 Miky - April 30, 2012 @ 8:59 PM

Of course you don't know of any black sriael killers, your not looking at references to find them, and it's not a politically correct news story, which means little coverage.You are a racist, and you need to learn how to use Google, before making stupid comments. Here are just a few. They were easy to find.Matthew Emanuel Macon (Murdered and Raped 5 White Women in Lansing)Shelly Brooks (Murdered 7 prostitutes in Detroit Cass Corridor)Jervon Miguel Coleman (Murdered three people.)Brian Ranard Davis (6 women)Paul Durousseau (Seven women)Mark Goudeau “The Baseline Killer” (Eight women and a man in 2005-2006)Coral Eugene Watts (11 women in Texas & 1 in Michigan)Anthony McKnight (Five girls and young women)Derrick Todd Lee (8 Women)Charles Lendelle Carter (4 known murders)The Zebra Killings (71 White people)Chester Turner (L.A.s most prolific killer 12 women killed.)Lorenzo J. Gilyard (Kansas City, MO.—13 victims)Eugene Victor Britt (Gary, IN.–3 known murder/rapes.)Henry Louis Wallace (Raped and strangled 5 women to death.)Craig Price (Brutally murdered 3 women)Harrison Graham (Brually Murdered 3 women)John Allen Muhammad & Lee Boyd Malvo (Sniped 11 people from a car in DC, 9 died.)George Russell (3 women, WA state)Timothy W. Spencer (5 killed, Arlington, VA and Richmond, VA)Elton M. Jackson (12 gay men killed, Norfolk, VA area)Carlton Gary (3 killed in Columbus, GA)Mohammed Adam Omar (16 women, Yemen. Omar is Sudanese.)Kendall Francois (8 women, Poughkeepsie, NY and surrounding areas.)Terry A. Blair (8 women, Kansas City area)Wayne Williams (33 many of them children!, Atlanta, GA)Vaughn Greenwood (11 killed in LA)Andre Crawford (10 killed in Chicago – southside)Calvin Jackson (9 killed possibley more in NY)Gregory Klepper (killed 8, Chicago – southside)Alton Coleman (Killed 8 in the Midwest)Harrison Graham (killed 7+ in N. Philadelphia)Cleophus Prince (6 killed in, San DiegoRobert Rozier (7 killed in, Miami)Maurice Byrd (killed 20 + in St. Louis)Maury Travis (17 and rising, St. Louis and possibly also Atlanta)Hulon Mitchell, a.k.a. Yahweh Ben Yahweh (killed 20+ in Florida)Lorenzo Fayne (killed 5 children in East St. Louis, IL)Paul Durousseau, (killed 6, two of which were pregnant women, Jacksonville, FL; Georgia.)Eddie Lee Mosley (killed 25 to 30 women, south Florida)Henry Lee Jones (killed 4 in, south Florida; Bartlett, TN)Richard “Babyface” Jameswhite (15 killed in, New York; Georgia.)Donald E. Younge, Jr. (killed 4), East St. Louis, IL; Salt Lake City, UT.Ivan Hill (killed 6 in Los Angeles area).Michael Vernon (Bronx, NY. Killed at least seven people – )Chester Dewayne Turner (12 women killed in, Los Angeles)

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