God had redeemed Israel!

He had brought 3 million people out of Egypt, trained and prepared them in the wilderness of Mt. Sinai to go into the land of Canaan and conquer the nations that dwelt in the land.

Finally, after months of structuring and organizing them into a Holy nation, the army of God, they come right up to the moment of crisis...the time to go in and take the land.

The Book of Deuteronomy is the account of Moses speaking to a new generation.

He recites what happened forty years previously. In Deuteronomy 1:6-8 Moses is speaking about something that happened forty years before. Forty years before God said to the Children of Israel "You have camped around Mt. Sinai long enough. It is time for you to go in now."

So the Children of Israel started off and very dramatically Deuteronomy 1:19 says, "And we came to Kadesh Barnea."

And Deuteronomy 1 gives the account of how the Children of Israel rebelled against God because of their unbelief and refused to go into the land and fulfill God's purpose for them as a nation.

There is a special timing in God.

And I believe that God is saying to us and to His Church worldwide, "You have been camped around your ecclesiastical mountains and denominational divisions long enough. It is time for you to move on. I have set the land (i.e. the nations of the world) before you, go in and possess the nations."

Today the Lord's Church is standing on the border of our Kadesh Barnea. This is our hour of crisis. It is important for us to learn the lessons of Kadesh Barnea.

Israel didn't go in...they didn't make it. They failed to fulfill God's kingdom purpose for their lives.

In "THE KADESH CRISIS" we are looking at WHY Israel didn't make it.

If we are going to learn the tragic lessons of Kadesh Barnea and succeed in fulfilling God's Kingdom purpose for our lives in the 21st Century, there are five things we must understand.

To watch Part 1 click here.

To watch Part 2 click here.

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1 Nana - April 30, 2012 @ 3:31 PM

Thank you Dr. Stella for all you have done and for all you do in the realm of the spirit. I found your site about a week ago and I have been csuenmod with it day and night since. I have been on the nightly prayer calls and watching your video's. I have ordered some of your material and I plan to stack my library with all of your material as well as some of the suggested material on your site. However, I already have all of Rebecca Brown books. I have been confessing many of your prayer points in prayer and by the glory of God; your God given material, your revelation, your ability to deliver that revelation has renewed me on so many levels. God has truly gifted you to help people to understand within a level of depth how to spiritually understand what has happened in our lives so we know how to war in the spirit to regain and recover all and how to powerfully move forward from where we are currently standing in life. A new fire has been released in my life. A few days before I found your site, the Lord gave me the scripture Matthew 11:12 “The violent take it by force!” I realized the God was telling me that I would have to get violent in the spirit to take my life back and to be that intercessor who cries out for souls as He has called me to be. So, having that scripture already in my spirit and then seeing it on your site immediately made my spiritual antenna stand to attention! Like John the Baptist, you have launched a violent overthrow on the kingdom of darkness and you have stirred me to storm and rush into that kingdom like one that rushes into a city! To rush in through much prayer, much fasting, much studying of the Word, much consecration, much giving, and much intercession! Hallelujah and glory to my Master! Thank you for teaching us how to war effectively for ourselves so we can then war effectively for others. You make it soooooooo easy to understand… thank you for teaching us how to stand and how to maintain that standing position. God has truly gifted you to bring out the warrior in anybody! Thank you for bringing me back to the battle field. I honor you great woman of God. Thank you.

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