Don't Miss Apostle Kouri's New Course: "GOD'S AGENDA FOR THE 21ST CENTURY"

The 21st Century will be an apostolic century.

The Lord's Church will be revived, the foundations of Messiah's Kingdom will be restored, the Church will be reformed and function as One, Holy, Apostolic Church! As a result the nations shall come to the light of the Church's rising.

Many today are asking, "What is it going to take?"

In this dynamic Kingdom intensive Brother Kouri will deal with what it is going to take to recover the Gospel of the Kingdom preached by the Apostles, valid Kingdom initiation, the apostles' paradigm of the Church as Holy Nation, the fellowship or communion of the Apostles and Elder Government?

"GOD'S AGENDA..." will be taught this Friday evening, Sept. 16th at7-9 PM, and this Saturday, Sept. 17th at 9-Noon and 1-4 at the King's Church located at 7999 Philips Highway.

Lunch will be served.

Don't let finances keep you from attending! Bishop Kouri says, "Scholarships are available, as well as, free financing for those interested in receiving credit towards a degree in Apostolic And prophetic Studies. Those not interested in receiving credit or working towards a degree may make an offering according to their ability and the Lord's direction."

This new course will also soon be available online along with Dr. Kouri's lecture notes, videos of his teaching at ATS JAX, and Chat Room Discussion.

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1 Ali - June 8, 2012 @ 12:57 PM

Perhaps that would be a fair conclusion duinrg the first years following Pentecost. However, we see Paul involved in much edifying and remedial work among the young churches. He aptly defined himself as a wise master builder, an architect. Apostles not only plant the kingdom, they were appointed first in order in the church, and are also parts of the foundation, along with prophets. Bottom line, apostles like everyone else are known by their fruit:Apostles are to father sons who learn how to look to God as their Father. “Do not call anyone on earth your father; for One is your Father, He who is in heaven.” If we disciple them to ourselves they will look like us. If we disciple them to Him, they will have His image.While all discipling relationships are to be unto life in the Spirit, some take on the specific purpose of multiplying apostolicity through modeling and impartation.Apostles are used to coordinate other gifts and anointing. After two seasons in China, it was evident that they were abundantly blessed with apostolic ministry, and virtually void of the prophetic gifting/anointing. Through counsel, we commended a prophetic husband/wife team to them, who served them well in years that followed. Apostles serve in maturing kingdom-focused, incarnational, and missional churches having a balance of equipping ministries, discipling believers, raising, releasing, and sending workers, biblically ordered by the Holy Spirit’s direction, and prioritizing the church in the city/region.

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