CAC International Leadership Seminar Darjeeling December 2017 Report

CAC International Leadership Seminar Darjeeling December 2017 Report

International Leadership Seminar At Siliguri, West Bengal, India.

Dearly beloved Apostles, friends and co-workers,

As we usher in the new year, I join in greeting you, and all that are in your circles, a very joyful year, filled with the “peace that passeth all understanding”. May we all bask in the confidence that we are all in His Almighty hands of love and grace. This confidence will also fill us with the strong faith that under any circumstance “ all things work together for good”.

I thank you with all my heart, for being such wonderful helpers within the scope possible to each of you. The possibility of collaborating with you in this high commission was a gift given by God, and I am humbled by it.

A special word of thanks to our Presiding Apostle George Kouri who has dedicated his life, time, energy and money for the reformation of the Lord’s Church in the 21st Century. Our great God did not disappoint us, but yet again reveled Himself with blessed experiences to all who laboured towards comprehending Him.

Our task is not complete until we are with Him and see Him face to face. Until then, I wish that we will all be “Faithful to Christ”, as we travel together, until we reach the goal that He, in His greatness, has set for us.

Highlights of Our Trip To Siliguri

One of the strategies of CAC India Campaign is organizing Leadership Seminars across the key cities and towns of India. For the year end of 2017, we have organized International Leadership Seminar at Siliguri and Darjeeling which is the gateway for the Himalayan region with neighboring countries like Nepal, Burma, Bhutan, China, Tibet and Bangladesh.

On Sunday morning service was at King's Church, Siliguri.

On Sunday, December 17 Mike preached in Siliguri to the saints who are members of churches founded by Apostle Adam Rangnamei. Mike brought the prophetic word for the church and encouraged them to be bold and courageous as the future will be bright through Jesus. Release of the prophetic utterances charged the faith of the believers.