CAC India Campaign - South East Asia Strategy

South East Asian countries are in a reachable distance form India.

CAC India Campaign will be reaching these countries  with the message of Jesus Christ,His Kingdom and His Church is the fore most task and bringing them into the global communion of apostolic churches, networks and jurisdiction.

Total South East Asia Population : 732,707,603


In Singapore Christianity is on the rise increased from 14.6% in 2000 to 18.8% .There is a great need to train,equip and raise apostles,prophets ruling pastors and bishops.

Bhutan and Burma

Bhutan has a population of 7.5 lakh in which christianity is at 0.5%.Buddhism is the state religion in Bhutan .However according to recent reports christianity is at 0.9% it helps to us to birth the Apostolic Movement in this tiny nation.

Burma has a population of 54 million ,majority of the people(88%) follow buddhism ,where as Christianity is on the rise at 8.2%.Which is a good sign to bring in the leaders to our communion of apostolic churches.


Buddhism is the official religion of Cambodia with  97% of buddhists.However,Christianity is growing at  6% each year will over take other religions .

South Korea

According to the results of the census of 2015 more than half of the South Korean population (56.9%) declared themselves not affiliated with any religious organizations.But  Sindo or Muism is the native religion of the Koreans, and it may represent a large part of the unaffiliated.Indeed,according to a 2012 survey,only 15% of the population declared themselves not religious in the sense of atheism.Of the people who are affiliated with a religious organizations,most of them are Christians and Buddhists.