Leadership Seminars And Apostolic Summits

Communion of apostles, elders, ministers, and churches, that under the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit and through God's grace, to develop apostolic and prophetic strategies, Kingdom initiatives, structures, and ministry services that will enhance, enlarge, and strengthen the individual and diverse apostolic ministries with their related networks of ministers and churches, enabling them to fulfill their respective mandates and missions.

Tremendous need to to equip, train and teach not only existing leaders, apostles, prophets, ruling pastors but also for the emerging leaders.And to bring them into the Apostolic movement to become advocates and ambassadors to conquer the nation of India for Christ and His Kingdom.

The Unity Of The Church

1. We believe in the spiritual, doctrinal, and governmental unity of Christ’s Church. We believe that the foundation or basis of the early Apostolic Church’s unity doctrinally, experientially, governmentally, and functionally was the fellowship or communion of apostle (the apostolate) that Jesus established. In the sermon on the mount Jesus declared to these disciples, “You are the light of the world, a city on a hill can not be hidden.” In the upper room Jesus prayed that these men (the apostolate) would be one, and that all who believe in Him because of their testimony would also be one, so that the world (seeing the Church’s spiritual, doctrinal, and functional unity) would know that the Father sent the Son. (Matthew 5:14, John 17:6, 11, 17, 20-21, 23, also see Subsection 2, 5.e) Read More...

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