Bradshaws Trip to the Bahamas sent by AWC

Jim and Anne's Report concerning the Assignment to the Bahamas August 10-17:

Our week in the Bahamas was eye-opening and fun. It was a joy to meet the people and we were blessed by their open friendship and kindness. We were so appreciative to Pastor Devon Rolle of Kingdom Discipleship Center International Embassy for allowing us time to share the message we carry and look forward to returning and seeing them again.
Our short report begins on the Thursday night before we left, the AWC team in Palm Coast took time to hear from God what message He had for us to carry. Ten words came forth. We had a task before us. We were sent with messages to declare. The people we were to encounter were people of influence and authority. This was not going to be an easy task. How would we get to them? God only knew.
Upon arriving, I asked the Lord for his perspective of the Island and her people, I soon saw royalty everywhere. We arrived on Friday and hit the ground running as we ministered at a couples gathering with Devon, his wife and other participants from Kingdom Discipleship Center. We enjoyed getting to know each couple and saw them often throughout the week at different times. Their hospitality and joy was evident and welcome.
On Saturday we decided to tour the Island for an hour with a taxi driver named Jasmine. She showed us places around the Island outside of downtown that were of interest and historical. In the afternoon we accomplished two other kingdom assignments given to us. We “planted a bible” and we declared over this nation of many islands the rising of the sons of God
On Sunday we had the joy of ministering in the morning at Kingdom Discipleship Center International Embassy. It was a great time of worship and word as others besides ourselves prayed powerfully and offered words of encouragement. We were honored to be a part of the service and felt God move through us as we ministered the words He had us say. See ministry time at
We had opportunity to speak with Pastor Rolle concerning the prophetic messages to the nation and leaders and particularly to who we wanted to speak. He needed time to think and work that out. Meanwhile we had a starting point with the Chamber of Commerce and Parliament.
On Monday, Jim and I prayed together to be led by the Spirit for the day. We remembered the word to us about breathing our own oxygen, and carrying the Kingdom mandate from Company. We dressed professionally and took a bus to downtown, and then walked to the Parliament House. We were expecting a tour or something. What we ended up with was an informal moment with the Sargent of Arms. Upon arriving he asked us what was our business. We told him we simply wanted to visit, and he said how far we wanted to go and I said “As far as we can!” So, he proceeded to escort us to where the Senate was meeting that morning (they had just adjourned for lunch). This was an old building, and the meeting room had enormous portraits of historical political figures of the nation’s past. As we stood at the doorway, inside the meeting room, I felt the urge to bless the Senate and then turned to the Sargent. Upon receiving the unction to speak to him as well, word and wisdom was also imparted to him for the task he had before him. We felt favor to return to Parliament at another time in the week (Wednesday).
Athenos was the recommendation for lunch, according to a woman standing just outside the Parliament building as we left. It was another assignment, we felt, to have lunch there. After having finished the meal, Jim asked one of the assistants if our waiter was related to ownership. She said “yes” and a hesked her to get the waiter for us. He delivered a word concerning patience prior to his season to come with influencing the family business (his father owns the restaurant). He appreciated the word, thanked us, asked who sent us (literally… who recommended us to eat there) and then gave us a couple of pens that advertised the restaurant.
From there we took a taxi to the Bahama’s Chamber of Commerce. Our visit there led to an appointment with the CEO of the chamber for Tuesday at 12 noon.
On Tuesday we went to the Chamber of Commerce for our 12 pm appointment and met with the CEO. He was courteous, listening to our words about business and a new crop of herb. This led us to Minister Romney’s office, and waited over an hour or so to meet with him. He was in a position of authority. He listened to our word about the herb harvest opportunity, and he suggested that his associate would be the best one to talk to since he works directly with the people in agriculture. Unfortunately he would be out of town until Thursday.
Next we walked to where Pastor Devon works and ministers. That day he had put out a word through a contact in the police department to request a 5-10 meeting with the commissioner. On our way home Anne took out the picture given to us by Paul and Tracey concerning the street Tracey saw. When a member of the church saw it, she said it looked like Charlotte Street… just as we were passing the street. This was confirms two more times on Friday.
On Wednesday we went back to parliament, to observe the meeting of the assembly which included the prime minister (the time we were there we heard presentations that were included on the news reports the next day). While there Devon contacted us concerning a 12:30 pm meeting that was scheduled with the Commissioner that day. After picking us up outside of parliament, he took us to police headquarters. We waited until after 1 pm when the Commissioner arrived from a previous appointment. He was apologetic and told us why he was late… which concerned one of his police officers.
After seeing him and hearing him, I realized two words applied to him…. The one about being generous is gregarious as well as the one concerning not holding back in enforcing the lesser crimes. He said he received both words and that they were “spot on.” We were invited back next time to speak to his officers regarding servant leadership.
That evening we ministered at their bible study. I was asked to bring words of encouragement and she talked about royalty (who they are in Christ) and read Jeremiah 33:6-9 concerning the nation. Then, Jim spoke about forgiveness, and justice, and discipline and sonship at Pastor Devon’s Wednesday night Bible study.

On Thursday we walked downtown to check out Charlotte Street, and some other streets nearby that also resembled some things in the picture given to us before we left. We found the financial district and governmental buildings (parliament) all around that area. So, we made Kingdom declarations over that area.
When we came home from our downtown expedition, Jim called the assistant to the Minister of Agriculture and talked to him about the word concerning the harvest of a herb with healing properties. He received the word, and gave his email address to remain in contact with him concerning this word. He said that they “plant and water, but God gives the increase” and testified about dependence upon God in such matters.
We found the people very receptive to the word of the Lord wherever we were led to visit and speak. Indeed, we experienced the power of being sent.


To God be the Glory!

Anne and Jim Bradshaw

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2 Gaylean Maynard - August 31, 2012 @ 9:22 AM

This report about the visit by the Bradshaws to the lovely city of Nassau Bahamas is a God move. The decrees and declarations will start a refomation in my country.
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