After almost 3 months in the USA, on July 2nd Sandra and I boarded an aircraft in Houston for our return flight to India and our apostolic mission here. We arrived on July 4, and after a few days of rest have resumed our work to launch the CAC’s India Campaign.

Bishop ministering on Requirements For Authentic Apostolic Reformation

1. Much has been accomplished since our initial arrival in India October 16, 2016, (almost two years ago) to launch the CAC's India Apostolic Campaign. 

a. The Lord Jesus has graciously given us an amazing National Director for the India Apostolic Campaign in Apostle Ravi Paul Darsi. Although young, over the past year and a half I have found him to be courageous, dedicated, and a very able apostolic leader. He is a true son in the faith of Jesus and His apostles. Together, and at the Lord’s direction, we have been able to develop specific apostolic strategies and battle plans for the CAC's India Apostolic Campaign that with the help of the Holy Spirit have proven to be very effective.

b. As a result, in less than two years since our arrival in India in October of 2016 the Lord has added more than 60 apostolic networks or jurisdictions of ministers and churches to the CAC (a global fellowship of apostles and churches) in India. 

 (These apostolic networks consist of more 20,000 churches.)

This amazing growth is because of God’s favor upon us. It is also the fruit of God-anointed Leadership-Training Seminars on the theme, “God’s Agenda For the 21st Century” that were convened in Hyderabad and other key cities in India, as well as, two Regional Apostolic Summits on the theme, “Requirements For An Authentic Apostolic Reformation” that were convened in the States of Telangana and Orissa.

c. In addition to 1) an able and dedicated National Director, 2) clearly defined apostolic strategies and plans, and 3) the addition of more than 60 apostolic networks (made up of more than 20,000 churches), by the mercy and grace of God 4) we also are beginning to see an emerging National Apostolic Council for the CAC in India.

d. Brother Ravi has also gathered a wonderful team of Christian media professionals who are working with us as vonunteers to develop a long range plan to upgrade our media ministry via the internet, the printing of our books and teaching materials, developing strategic video materials and online broadcasting, and outsourcing these important areas of our work as a global fellowship of apostles and churches to our brothers and sisters here in India.

2. However, in spite of all that has been accomplished, there is still much that needs to be done.

a. Even as I write, Ravi Paul, Apostle Abraham Sekhar who heads the "Spirit-Filled Churches of India" (more than 6,000 churches in key cities throughout India), and other members of the emerging India National Apostolic Council are making arrangements to host four more Regional Apostolic Summits in the three most important cities of India during the months of August and September.

The first Regional Summit will be convened in New Delhi, the Capital of the nation on August 2 and 3. The second, August 17 and 18, will be held in Kolkota (Calcutta) the Capital of the State of West Bengal and widely regarded as the "cultural capital" of India. 

The third and fourth summits will be held in the month of September in the City of Mumbai (Bombay). Mumbai is the capital of the State of Maharashtra. It is the most populous city in India with an estimated population of more than 20 million people.

In light of the amazing response we had from the first two Regional Summits convened in February and March of this year, and by God's mercy and grace, we hope to more than double the number of member apostolic networks in the CAC India from 60 to 120 or even to 200, with these apostolic networks or jurisdictions comprising many thousands of churches.

On August 1, Ravi and I will fly to New Delhi, where Apostle Abraham Sekhar will join us. On August 2 and 3 we will minister together on the theme, “Requirements For An Authentic Apostolic Reformation.”

Apostle Kouri  praying with Apostle Abrahan Sekhar, head of Spirit-Filled Churches of India

b. Over the next three months, Ravi and I will also work together with the Christian media professionals that he has recruited over a number of months to implement the media strategies and plans that the Lord has given us for the CAC India Campaign.These plans include: 

1) In the next couple of weeks we will convene a group of a dozen or so apostolic and prophetic leaders who are proficient in English and video-tape my Apostolic Summit notes on, “The Requirements for an Authentic Apostolic Reformation”. In September we will video my notes on "God’s Agenda For the 21st Century”. 

After Sandra and I leave India, these videos will to be used by Ravi and others to blow the trumpet and awaken and recruit apostolic, prophetic, evangelistic, and pastoral leaders throughout India to join with us to restore the foundations of apostolic Christianity that were laid in the beginning of Messiah's day by the Lord Jesus and His original apostles and to reform His Church in India and throughout the earth.

2) Over the next several months we also will publish the notes of several of my most effective preaching and teaching messages, as well as, those of Brother “Ern” Baxter, and other senior leaders in our movement, and bind them in loose-leaf notebooks as examples of “Authentic Apostolic Preaching and Teaching For The 21st Century”.  

Our purpose is to make these messages available without charge to help emerging apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers know what and how to preach and teach the message of Christ, His Kingdom, and apostolic reformation in the 21st Century, and help develop the preaching and teaching of the Lord's servants throughout the CAC's apostolic networks in India and in other nations.

(After more than forty years in the apostolic movement, I am persuaded that many of God’s ministers today would gladly join us in this movement if they knew that they could preach this apostolic message, deal with the issues that divide the Lord’s Church today, and bring their flocks into an understanding of what the Lord is saying to the churches today by His Spirit.)

3) The CAC's Constitution has already been translated and published into Telugu, one of the major regional languages of India. It has also been translated into the regional language of the State of Orissa and is now ready for publication. We are simply waiting for the Lord to release the $300.00 needed to do this.

CAC Constitution in Telugu

Our plan is to publish the CAC’s foundational documents (see for online copy of the CAC Constitution) and the message of the Kingdom and the apostolic and prophetic revelation that the Lord has entrusted to us in each of the regional languages of India, also into Hindi, which is the National language.

(Please Note: The Communion of Apostolic Churches (CAC) is not a denomination, but is a global fellowship or communion of apostles and churches from many different denominational backgrounds and cultures working together in the Lord and His Spirit to restore the ancient foundations of authentic Christianity laid in the beginning by Jesus and His original apostles and preserved for us by the providence of God in the Canon of the New Testament, as a basis of true reformation and the restoration of the functional unity of the body of Christ, so that together as one people we might demonstrate life under the government of King Jesus, disciple the nations, and fill the earth with the glory of God.)

c. During the next several months Ravi and I will meet with Abraham Sekhar and the heads of several seminaries, Bible Schools, and Schools of Ministry that are the leadership-training engines for several of the apostolic networks that are part of the CAC in India.

We plan to form an Educational Council to work together with Dr. James Bradshaw and the Apostles Theological Seminary to develop a comprehensive leadership-training strategy, a comprehensive curriculum, and practical plans for training-up a whole new generation of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers in India for the 21st Century. (See the website for the Apostles Theological Seminary at

d. On October 16, 2018, Sandra and I plan to move back to the USA. This is in response to the leading of the Holy Spirit over a number of months that culminated on the evening of May 9 during our Apostolic Summit for North America and First Nations in OKC. On Wednesday night, after a special time of ministry to the Lord in praise and worship and during the prophetic ministry that followed, the Lord spoke to me clearly through the Lord's prophets and confirmed to us that He is sending us back to the States to strengthen the CAC's North America and First Nation's Apostolic Campaigns.

e. Throughout the remainder of 2018, and 2019, Ravi (the National Director of the CAC India Campaign), with the apostolic team the Lord has raised up around him, and the emerging National Council of Apostles and Elders will continue to implement the strategies the Lord has given us and host Apostolic Seminars on “God’s Agenda For the 21st Century”, as well as, Regional Apostolic Summits on “The Requirements For An Authentic Apostolic Reformation” in key cities throughout the nation.

This is for the purpose of awakening the Lord’s apostles and elders (ruling pastors or bishops) throughout India and bring them together in New Delhi the latter part of 2019 for a National Congress of Apostles and Elders, form the CAC in India, and elect a National Council of Apostles and Elders.

As the Presiding Apostle of the CAC (Global), I hope to visit India for this historic event, as well as, other strategic gatherings and events.

 3. MY URGENT APPEAL FOR YOUR HELP: As you can see from what I have shared truly much has been accomplished, but much still needs to be accomplished. However, to do all that needs to be done we urgently need your prayers and financial help!

 a. The average cost for hosting a two-day Regional Summit is $1,300 to $1,600, depending on the city in India and the meeting venue. The proposed budget for the Regional Summit in New Delhi on August 2-3 is $1,313. This will enable us to bring together 150 apostolic fathers or heads of networks of ministers and churches and ruling pastors or elders throughout the Delhi region.

Keep in mind that we will be hosting two Regional Summits in August and two in September. To do this we need the Lord your help.

b. In addition to the expenses for the Regional Summits (to blow the trumpet, reach out, and recruit apostles and elders), we must continue to help Ravi Paul with his support. Currently, the CAC gives him $300 a month to help him provide for his family's needs. In addition to this, we give him another $300 a month to help with his ministry expenses as he travels to meet with leaders, share with them and with the saints the message of Christ's Kingdom and our God-given vision for restoration, reformation, and unity, and to recruit them to join with us in the India Apostolic Campaign. 

Over the past year and a half, I have found Ravi Paul to be a truly amazing and dedicated servant of God. He is a very faithful in his stewardship of the message and mandate that have been entrusted to him, as well as, in the use of the finances that are invested in his support each month. He is worth every penny we give him and much more.

 c. In addition to the above expenses, there is also the monthly rent on our apartment and office (i.e. a two bedroom apartment with one bedroom serving as my office) and the cost for our food, electricity, my cell-phone, and miscellaneous ministry expenses.

Our monthly expenses average between $1,300 and $1,500 a month. This does not cover any of my costs for auto or air travel or hotel and food for seminars or summits. 

d. Because we are seeking to restore the foundations and raise up the authentic apostolic Church of the Lord Jesus in India, and because we do not want the work of Christ's Kingdom or His Church in India to be dependent on the churches in the USA or Europe, we will receive offerings for the India Campaign in each of the four Regional Apostolic Summits that we will convene over the next three months and give the ministers present the opportunity to sow into the campaign.

In addition to receiving offerings, we will also teach the leaders that the Lord is raising up to lead His work in India the critically important Kingdom principles of tithing and giving (i.e. God's plan for releasing the thousand-fold blessing of Abraham (the blessing of multiplication and increase) and for funding His work throughout the earth).

However, until the “spirit of poverty” and “the donor mentality“ widespread in India (having been fostered by missionary organizations and churches in the USA and Europe) have been broken off of God's ministers and the saints here, and until the Holy Spirit imparts the grace of giving into the hearts of God's ministers and saints in India, we will continue to need the help of the God's ministers and saints in the USA and Europe.

e. Because of this, Sandra and I appeal to our family and friends in the Lord, to our fellow ministers, and to the saints of God throughout the USA and other nations for your prayers and for your financial help. 

(As I mentioned, the strategic Regional Apostolic Summit in New Delhi is August 2 and 3, only a few weeks away. It will be followed quickly on August 17 and 18 by the Regional Summit in Kolkata. I have already had to forward campaign funds for the rental of the hall and other necessities to the brothers in New Delhi who are handling the arrangements for us. Not only that, but the second half of Ravi's support is also due in a few days.  In addition to these there are many other needs.)

1) Therefore, if you are able to give a special mission's offering or plant a seed into the India Apostolic Campaign, today would be a good time to do so. I know by the Word of God that our Heavenly Father will bless you for doing so.

2) If you are not able to give a mission's offering at this time, perhaps you know of someone in your family, circle of friends, ministry or governmental sphere, your local church, or in the larger body of Christ who has a heart for Christ’s Kingdom, His Global Church, and world missions to whom you could forward this email or to whom you could speak to in our behalf, share what we are doing, and encourage them to help us with a one-time gift or on a monthly basis as a covenant partner helping to fund the work the Lord has given us to accomplish here in India.

3) If you or someone in your family, ministry sphere, or local church has a heart for missions and would like to visit India for a short–term mission trip to help host one of our leadership training events, or evangelize and plant a church in an un-reached area, or help build a church building, or minister to children, or any number of other practical areas of ministry, there are many, many wonderful opportunities to do so in India.  I invite you or them to write me at and I will put you in touch with one of the many apostolic networks or ministries that we are working with or that have become part of the CAC in India.

(For example you can get involved directly in evangelism and church planting in one of the 1000’s of unreached villages of India with Apostle James Rebbavarapu and India Christian Ministries’ “Operation Saturation.”  Or you can get involved in evangelism and church planting in one of the major cities like Mumbai, Delhi, or Kolkata through one of the many outreaches of Apostle Abraham Sekhar’s Spirit-filled Churches of India, or one of many other ministries that are now working together as part of the CAC’s India Apostolic Campaign. You can also minister directly to children and literally transform their destinies through one of ICM’s Covenant Child Development Centers or one of the many orphanages like Sarah’s Covenant Homes for special needs children or the Cherish Foundation.)

Conclusion: This is truly a “Kairos” time for India. Today, India stands at the crossroads, needing to choose whether it will continue to be a Hindu nation with 1000's and even tens of 1000's of gods and goddesses and gross darkness, or become a Christian nation, following Christ the great King and building Kingdom civilization. 

In spite of the rising tide of persecution in many parts of this nation, the Holy Spirit is moving in a powerful way. Many are turning to Christ today, and many, many new churches are being planted all over India. However, if India is truly going to be translated out of the Kingdom of darkness and transformed, then the greatest need at this present hour is for the 1000s and 1000s of churches and denominations in India to rediscover the authentic apostolic foundations laid by Jesus and His apostles in the beginning and reform themselves into One Holy Apostolic Church (i.e. One Church made up of many, many churches, joined together in the Lord and in the fellowship or communion of the Lord's apostles and elders), so that as a Holy Nation and a Kingdom of priests the Church Jesus is in the process of building in India might conquer the powers of darkness arrayed against it and establish the Kingdom of God in every heart in every village, town, and city throughout the nation of India.

1. If you wish to use your credit card to make a one-time donation through our PayPal Account, please go to the CAC's Website at and click on the Donation Button for the India Campaign on the right hand side of our Home page.

 (Or you may click on….) 

2. If you would rather write a check, please make your check out to the India Apostolic Campaign and mail it to our accountant, Jim Bradshaw,  33 Felter Lane, Palm Coast, Florida 32137.

All donations are tax deductible.

3. Finally, if you would like to become a regular partner with us in the India Apostolic Campaign, please write me at and let me know what the Lord has laid on your heart.

 For Jesus Christ our wonderful  Savior and glorious King,
 George Kouri

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