Bishop George Kouri Commissioning Apostolic Leaders

Dear CAC Friends and Family,

Day by day our Lord is enabling CAC India Campaign to recruit Christian leaders into the apostolic campaign, to raise the standard and blow the trumpet to revive, reform His Church so that it may function as one Holy Nation. Establishing these leaders in their calling and commissioning them to fulfill their calling.

Bishop George Kouri and Mama Sandra commissioned Dr. Surya Karada (Orissa) and Dr. Bhagya Jogunoori (Australia) as ambassadors for the communion in their geographical areas. Dr. Surya has done his Doctorate in Missions from Indian Institute of Missiology (IIM), he is the Director of Agape Bible College and also Pastoring churches in Orissa. After hearing the authentic gospel, apostolic doctrine, keys of the Kingdom message during a seminar in Orissa, he was challenged from the scriptures and came down from Orissa to Hyderabad to have an apostolic dialog with Bishop George Kouri . Volunteered himself to enhance and establish the ATS all over India.