Edward Hick’s “peaceable kingdom” depicts Isaiah’s vision of Messiah’s Kingdom with ox and lion in peace and a child embracing a lioness. The first apostolic greeting was, “Grace and peace...” We seek peace with all and desire to manifest the culture of the Messiah’s Kingdom in our relationships with the household of faith, but with all.




The Communion of Apostolic Churches places great value in our relationships with each other and our labor together in the Lord. We seek to develop and demonstrate Apostolic or Kingdom culture based upon the power of the Holy Spirit baptism in our lives and upon the obedience or observance of Kingdom attributes, principles, and our Lord’s commands:

1. We value and highly prize Apostolic and Prophetic vision and the ability to see the future in the present and to understand and know what the Church should do.

2. Plurality or collegiality with God anointed and appointed headship.

3. Wisdom, knowledge, good planning, and practical implementation.

4. Godly leadership and dedication to excellence.

6. Valid spiritual authority and submission.

7. Quality pastoral care and oversight.

8. The priesthood of the believer, Christian freedom and liberty with accountability.

9. Autonomy or self-government together with voluntary association.

10. Faith and hope.

11. Purity, personal dedication and devotion together with discipline and self-control.

12. Humility and a servant spirit.

13. Godly character and charisma.

14. Peace and Godly order.

15. Honesty and integrity.

16. Boldness and courage.

17. Covenant relationships, Christian brotherhood and friendship, covenant love and loyalty, and commitment.

18. Patience, steadfastness and perseverance.

19. Proven faithfulness to responsibility, fruitfulness and productivity..

20. Ingenuity, creativity, initiative, and hard work.

21. Mercy, forgiveness, graciousness, and kindness.

22. Liberality and generosity.

23. Godly manners, courtesy, and civility.

24. Marriage, children, and good family life.

25. Godly education and training.

26. Corporate prayer and worship.

27. A healthy sense of humor.

28. Human dignity, the value and worth of each person.

29. Godly civil government and social justice.