Jesus said, “I am the vine, you are the branches; he who abides in Me and I in him...bears much fruit...” Jesus Christ is the New Covenant and in Him we are brought into God’s family and enjoy fellowship (shared life) with the Father, the Son, and the Spirit...and with one another in the Lord. Paul said, “By one Spirit we are all baptized into one body, and made to drink of the one Spirit...” Then he adds, “God has placed the the body just as he desired.” If Christ is the vine (True Israel), His body is not merely an ecclesiastical organization or a bunch of independent or disconnected individuals and churches, but a living organism, the creation of His Spirit. Therefore, the CAC believes in divine placement, spiritual joining and connection, covenant relationship, gifts and callings, Holy Spirit anointing and divine appointing.





1. Recognizing that Jesus is the Christ, we believe that we should build Christologically! We should build in terms of His Kingship, His Headship, His resurrection life and the life of the Holy Spirit, His divine commandments and the guidance of the Holy Spirit, His governmental order and rule.

2. Recognizing that the New Covenant has been established in the body and blood of Jesus Christ and the Lord Himself is the covenant, we believe we should build covenantally. We should recognize and honor the Lord’s placement in the body, not only our own placement, but the placement of others. We should recognize valid spiritual connections, submit to one another in the will of God, and relate to each other in the New Covenant (in the Lord) or in the way the Lord commands us to treat each other.

3. We believe that we must build pneumatically and charismatically. We must not only recognize and honor the Holy Spirit’s placement in an allotment of believers as part of the larger family of God, we must also recognize the gifts, callings, and anointings of God.

4. We believe that we must build geographically as well as relationally. We must not only recognize divine connections and covenant relationships that have been ordained of God, we must also recognize His geographic appointments and governmental spheres of authority. (The purpose of true spiritual fatherhood is raise up mature sons and daughters unto God who are able to recognize and to relate properly to the government of God where ever they find it.)

5. We believe that we must build trans-generationally. We must recognize the gifts and callings of those coming behind us, cultivate those gifts, and make room for them to operate in our midst so that they might fully fulfill their destinies and callings in Christ’s Kingdom.