Would you like to understand the "times & seasons" of the Kingdom of God, as it was revealed to the prophets of Old Covenant Israel and understood by Jesus and the original apostles of the Lamb?

Would you like to be able to rightly divide the Scriptures and understand and where Christ's Church is in the unfolding of Messiah's Kingdom and His purpose for the nations?

Our new doctoral course AD701, The Revelation of Jesus Christ is an in depth course that deals with the critically important prophecy Jesus gave to John the apostle to give to the 7 churches of Asia Minor about certain things He had prophesied years earlier in the Temple during the last week of His public ministry. Almost 40 years have passed, the disciples' generation had almost passed away. According to Jesus Himself, certain very specific "eschatological" or "end-time" things, i.e. the abomination of desolation, the great tribulation, the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple had to happen soon in order to fulfill His prophecy about the end of the Old Covenant Administration, the dawning of Messiah's day, and the times of the gentiles (nations).

A prophecy about the judgment of God and His Christ that fell upon apostate Israel, the harlot city of Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 AD, the Book of Revelation is arguably the most important book in the entire Canon of the New Testament for truly understanding how Christ and His administration of the Kingdom of heaven actually works today in the judgment of governments and nations.

B. B. Warfield, the great Princeton Theologian, once declared, "the Book of Revelation scarcely advances beyond the teaching of Jesus' given on the Mount of Olives the last week of His public ministry."

Taught by Apostle Rod Seago, South Africa's premier Bible teacher, and Dean of the School of Biblical Studies, AD701 deals thoroughly with the outline or chronological order of Kingdom events prophesied by Israel's prophets and also by Jesus of Nazareth, events that absolutely had to take place in John's day in order to fulfill prophecy, bring an end to the Old Covenant administration of the Kingdom of heaven, fully establish Messiah's administration of the Kingdom of heaven, and inaugurate the times of the gentiles (the judgment of the nations).

While AD701 will of necessity deal with the technical matters, i.e. the dating, authorship, and the literary style of the Book of Revelation, the principle focus will be on the proper interpretation of the prophetic symbols used by Jesus and also on the importance of understanding the outline or chronological order of prophetic events taught by Jesus throughout the last week of His earthly ministry. This same exact outline or chronology is followed by Jesus in the Book of Revelation, and it is the interpretive key to properly interpreting the prophecy given by Jesus in the Book of Revelation.

Online classes will begin September 9 and will continue to the end of the Fall Semester December 16 . Please note that late enrollment in this Fall Semester course ends September 16.

Don't let finances keep you from taking this critically important course!

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You will also be asked to indicate whether you are interested in pursuing a Life-Learning Survey in order to receive credit towards your degree for your work or ministry experience. (We strongly recommend that you consider a Life-Learning Survey in order to receive credit towards your degree for your life learning, ministry experience and accomplishments. See our Admissions page for information regarding our Life-Learning Survey. Just as our course tuition has been reduced for this special campaign, our Life-Learning Survey fee has also been reduced from $300.00 to $150.00)

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Welcome to our ATS Global family of faculty and students and to an unparalleled learning experience.

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1 Lilys - April 30, 2012 @ 1:00 PM

This video truly is an inspiration. There are times when I qtsiueon God's mercy- qtsiueon whether or not forgiveness will be granted for the up tenth time. Larry's story shows that no crime, act of hatred or any deed is unforgivable. Once you go to God in prayer with an open heart and a willingness to do right, all else becomes "water under the bridge" (so to speak). It is a constant battle, one that God guarantees we will not fight alone.Thank you for sharing Larry's story with Godsy Girl!

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