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The CAC India Apostolic Campaign had its first CAC India Regional Apostolic Summit in Hyderabad, February 20, 2018. 


Apostle George Kouri began the summit by asking the delegates key questions (provided in the Summit's booklet) and paving the way for apostolic discussion. These crucially important questions included: 

 1) Is the Church, as we know it today, the Church that Jesus founded in the beginning? 

 2) What has happened to that Church throughout Church history? 

 3) Do we need an authentic apostolic reformation today? 

 4) What is the foundation of Christianity and the Church that Jesus Himself laid in His life and ministry?

The apostolic and pastoral leaders in attendance had a wonderful time together in the Lord learning the revelation of the mysteries of Christ, His Kingdom, and His Apostolic Church that Jesus entrusted to His apostles in the beginning and that has been preserved for us in the Canon of the New Testament. 

Bother Kouri's emphasis throughout the summit was on rediscovering and restoring the revelation of the mysteries or secrets of Christ, His Kingdom, and His Church that Jesus entrusted to the original apostles and called the “Keys of the Kingdom”. 

Apostles must have "the keys of the Kingdom." 

These Kingdom or apostolic keys include the revelation of the mysteries of: 

1) The incarnation and that Jesus Christ is the faithful Witness of the Father, the Apostle or Teacher who has come down from God out of heaven to reveal the Father to us, reform the Old Covenant, reconcile us to God, and restore all things, 

 2) Redemption, regeneration, and the promised Messianic Kingdom, 

 3) The Eternal Covenant and it's fulfillment in the New Covenant that was established by Christ’s incarnation and in the body and blood of Jesus, 

 4) The relationship between Christ’s Messianic Kingdom and the baptism of the Holy Spirit, 

 5) Valid Kingdom Initiation and the Peter package, 

 6) The covenant nature and architectural structure of the Lord’s Church as Holy Nation, the Israel born of the Spirit (the Holy Nation is the only wineskin that can truly contain the fullness of the new wine of Christ’s Kingdom), 

 7) The ministry of Christ’s apostles, apostolic companies, the fellowship of the apostles (Christ’s ongoing apostleship or apostolate), and the governmental order of Christ’s Kingdom and His Church, 

 8) The Church’s apostolic mandate to conquer Satan’s Kingdom, disciple the nations, possess cities and nations, and fill the earth with Kingdom civilization, the life and culture of Heaven.

Brother Kouri also shared with the delegates 10 things Jesus accomplished in His incarnation and earthly ministry that are the basis or foundation of His Messianic Kingdom and His Holy Apostolic Church. 

He shared how we can and must recover the keys of the Kingdom today, restore the foundations of authentic Christianity that Jesus and His apostles laid in the beginning, and work together as brothers and fellow servants of Christ to birth an authentic apostolic reformation in the 21st Century, so that the Church of Jesus Christ might conquer the Kingdom of darkness, disciple the nations, and fill all things with the glory of God. 

Throughout the day's sessions, the Spirit of God helped Brother Kouri and empowered him to share many wonderful revelations and mysteries about Christ, His Kingdom, and his Church from God's Word. 

1) Among these mysteries, we learned that Jesus conquered Satan, sin, and death in hell, as He was quickened and made alive again from the dead ones by the Holy Spirit. 

 2) Jesus is seated on the throne of His father David and ruling the nations from the right hand of God in heaven right now.  

 3) The Church that Jesus is building has been founded in heaven on the finished work of Christ (General Church) and is in the process of being established or manifested on the earth (local Church). 

 4) Christ's Messianic Kingdom, heavenly, universal, eternal, and is established in our hearts by the Holy Spirit. 

 5) The apostleship of Jesus, which began in His earthly ministry, continues today by the power of the Holy Spirit through the fellowship of the apostles or Christ's Apostolate. 

 6) When we are baptized into Jesus Christ we are united with Christ in His death on the cross, His descent into hell, and regeneration, and we are translated out of the kingdom of darkness, quickened and made alive again, raised-up and seated with Him in the Kingdom of God’s dear Son.

 7) At that very moment we are also added to His General Assembly, the Church of the Firstborn. Afterwards the Holy Spirit puts us in the body of Christ in an allotment of believers in a locality for spiritual fatherhood, discipleship training, fellowship and prayer, and ministry.

 8) The Old Covenant age (the age of Moses or the Jewish age) officially ended in 70 AD with the destruction of the Jewish temple in Jerusalem, and Messiah’s day and the times of the Gentiles (nations) began in 70 AD. 

 9) The judgment of the nations began in 70 AD with the judgment of apostate Israel and the harlot city of Jerusalem and will continue until all of Christ’s enemies have been made the footstool of His feet. 

 10) The Church that Jesus is building is the body of His Kingdom purpose to deal with the problem of evil, disciple the nations, make all things new, and fill the earth with the glory of God. 

The purpose of the Regional Apostolic Summit was to envision, encourage, and empower the Lord's apostles, prophets, evangelists, ruling pastors (bishops/elders) and teachers that were present, and help them understand the absolute necessity of Christ's ministers working together in the fellowship of the apostles to build one Holy Apostolic Church in the earth (i.e. one Church, made of many churches, joined together or connected in the fellowship of the apostles by apostles and elders). It is only as we do this that Christ's heavenly, universal and eternal Kingdom will be fully manifested over all the earth.

In the closing session Brother Kouri shared 7 things that must be recovered if we are truly going to have an authentic apostolic reformation of the Lord's Church today:

1. We must recover the foundation of Christ's Kingdom and His Apostolic Church that Jesus laid by His life and ministry (10 things) in the beginning of Christianity.

 2. We must recover the revelation of the mysteries of Christ, His Kingdom, and his Church that Jesus called, "the keys of the Kingdom," and entrusted to the original apostles.

 3. We must recover the Gospel preached in the beginning by Peter, Paul, and all the apostles.

 4. We must recover valid Kingdom initiation as taught by Jesus and implemented by Peter and the original apostles (the Peter package).

 5. We must recover authentic apostolic government, real apostles, real elders, the fellowship of apostles (Christ's apostolate) and geographic governmental councils.

 6. We must recover the relational and architectural blueprint of Christ's Holy Apostolic Church.

 7. We must recover the revelation of the Church's Apostolic mandate to conquer the Devil's kingdom, disciple the nations, possess cities, and nations, and fill the whole earth with Kingdom civilization (the life and culture of Heaven).

Brother Kouri closed the Summit in Hyderabad by explaining to the delegates who were present that the Communion of Apostolic Churches (CAC) is not a denomination. Instead, it is a global fellowship or communion of apostles and churches, seeking to work together to rediscover the authentic foundations laid by Jesus and the original apostles in the beginning and reform ourselves into one Holy Apostolic Church (One Church made-up of many churches joined together in the fellowship or communion of Christ and His apostles) throughout the earth. The CAC is an attempt to provide an "alternative wineskin" to the present doctrinal and denominational division in the modern Church. 

He then invited the delegates present to join this emerging fellowship or communion of apostles and churches and become part of the CAC's India Apostolic Campaign to work together with the Lord and with each other to restore the foundations and reform the Lord's Church in India. 

Delegates were in attendance from Mumbai, Orissa, Hyderabad, and other cities throughout Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. 28 delegates from various apostolic networks of ministers and churches committed to join the communion, along with their governmental spheres, and uphold and abide by the resolutions and articles of the CAC's Constitution. It was wonderful to see  these apostolic, prophetic, and pastoral leaders connecting with each other and selflessly committing themselves to stand and work together for an authentic apostolic reformation in India.

Please join us in praying for these upcoming Regional Apostolic Summits in other key cities in India:

July – Chennai

August – New Delhi

August - Kolkata

September – Mumbai

October – Medak

November - Karimnagar

December - Kochi

February - Banglore


Also, prayers and planning are in progress to reach out to countries throughout Southeast Asia and host Apostolic Summits in Nepal, Maranmar, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, and Australia for the later part of 2018 and in 2019.

Finally, please join us in prayer to our loving heavenly Father for His apostolic grace and His divine guidance as we prepare for the CAC of India's National Congress of Apostles and Elders being planned for January 2019.

This report was prepared by Ravi Paul Darsi, National Director of the CAC India Apostolic Campaign. If you would like to become a financial partner with us in the India Apostolic Campaign and help sponsor one of our upcoming Apostolic Summits (these average $1,000 to $1,400 per Summit depending on the location), you may write a check to the CAC India Apostolic Campaign and mail it to Jim Bradshaw at 33 Felter Lane, Palm Coast, Fl. 32137. Or you may make a direct deposit into our Wells Fargo India Campaign Account. The Account Number is 5027824746 and the Bank's Routing Number is 063107513. All gifts are tax deductible!

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